Óscar Yanes in the February issue of the magazine Diabetes Fede

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Óscar Yanes: We create technological and computer tools for diabetes research”.

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Congratulations to PhD Student Stefania-Alexandra Iakab

Posted on Jul 24, 2018 in Research

Alexandra is the winner of a Poster Prize awarded for the excellent presentation of particularly significant innovative analytical research on the occasion of  the  “17th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors” (15-19 July 15-19, 2018, University of Vienna, Austria).


PhD Scholarship position in Data Processing and Analysis for Metabolomic Studies

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The MiL@b (Metabolomics Interdisciplinary Laboratory) Research Group from the Rovira i Virgili University is seeking candidates to apply for a scholarship to obtain the PhD at our research facilities located in Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain). MiL@b is a multidisciplinary research group formed by chemists, biochemists, computer and telecommunication engineers that has a very close relationship with the Metabolomics Platform.

Description of the research project:

Nowadays, technical advances have generated a large amount of measurement techniques that can be used to detect, identify and quantify molecules present mainly in biofluids or tissues of living entities like humans. One common characteristic of these systems is the wealth of raw data they generate for each measurement. Converting this raw data into useful information is key to find exciting new applications of these techniques towards the Personalized Medicine envisaged for the 21st century.

The goal of the project is to devise algorithms in the fields of biostatistics, digital signal processing, pattern recognition, multivariate analysis and neural networks to be able to process raw data coming from the measuring of biofluids such as serum, plasma or urine with different stablished techniques like NMR, Gas/liquid Chromatography-MS and MALDI-TOF to add relevant clinical information to the metabolomics field. The research group is in touch with many medical teams and has access to state-of-the-art instruments that provide the most advanced characteristics (sensitivity, selectivity, automation, data acquisition handling and storing raw data, etc.).

All these algorithms will be developed in open platforms such as R, the gold standard for statistical analysis in biosciences, and will be validated with real samples and real problems that have not been solved until now. We are involved with the Ciberdem institute that can provide all the samples and cases to study and the IISPV. Metabolomics and the techniques that provide the information needed have a bright future in medicine, since the information obtained can be used for early diagnosis through the discovery of robust and significant biomarkers or to assess the efficacy of new treatments. All this work could be included in a new profile of researchers commonly known as “data scientists”, which is today one of the most required positions in a big majority of the scientific fields.

Required profile: Candidates should have a background on computer science (very good programming skills), electronics, telecommunications or physics. Experience on statistics or multivariate analysis will also be appreciated.

Application: Candidates should apply to Martí-Franqués COFUND Fellowship Programme (position 2018MFP-COFUND-4). The application process is entirely electronic. Deadline for applying to MFP is May 20, 2018. We would be grateful if you also notify your application to Dr. Serena Pujol (serena.pujol@urv.cat), sending her by email your motivation letter and CV.

The MFP-COFUND Programme offers:

  • 3-year working contract
  • An intense multi-disciplinary and intersectoral training, the fruit of collaborations with over 30 partners that actively support this programme
  • One of the best salaries at PhD level in Europe (2200 €/month gross salary)
  • An international environment, supported by the adherence to the European Charter & Code
  • Enrolment in excellent PhD programmes
  • Opportunity to do research in a top 500 universities in the world (76 in THE Young universities ranking)
  • Access to high-quality infrastructures for research & innovation

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: mfp.cofund@urv.cat CLOSED POSITION

Postdoctoral position in Metabolomics

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The Metabolomics Platform from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili  (http://www.urv.cat/) is seeking candidates to apply for the Postdoctoral position Nº 2017PMF-POST2-8, (http://www.urv.cat/en/research/support/programmes/urv/programa-marti-franques/post-ii/) in the project  Environmental Diabetogens Research by Metabolomics and Imaging. Candidates should have solid background on NMR and/or MS Metabolomics. Experience on MS imaging or bioinformatics for metabolomics will also be taken into account. (Contact: xavier.correig@urv.cat). CLOSED POSITION

Seminar on Mass Spectrometry Imaging

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Location: Sala Polivalent, Centre d’R+D+I en Nutrició I Salut, Av. Universitat 1, 43204 Reus
Date: 9th Feb 2016, 10 h

Info mail: formacio@iispv.cat

Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI), is an emergent technique able to detect and spatially localize proteins, peptides and/or metabolites in animal or vegetal tissues, with excellent lateral resolution and minimal sample preparation. MSI is a truly biomolecular histology technique, that combined with traditional histological techniques, will represent a step forward in many applications such as drug discovery, histopathology, toxicology or food safety, among others. This seminar will focus on the potentiality of the technique, as well as on practical aspects related with sample preparation, mass spectrometry instrumentation, data processing and bioinformatics resources.

See program and Registration here

Job position available to join Biosfer Teslab team

Posted on Oct 28, 2015 in Vacancies

A three year, full-­time position is available for a highly talented individual (f/m) to join our operations team at Biosfer Teslab, an in vitro diagnostic company based in Reust that develops novel NMR-­based tests to improve cardiovascular risk assessment in patients at high cardio-metabolic risk.

See offer here



Webinar by Dr. Oscar Yanes today 29 Jan 2015

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Live webinar: Dr. Oscar Yanes – “Metabolomics: only suitable for multidisciplinary teams”. 29 Jan 2015. Brought to you by the Early-career Members Network of the Metabolomics Society. Registration: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2409752719256762369. Download the Flyer.

New paper published

Posted on Dec 22, 2014 in Research

Remarkable quantitative and qualitative differences in HDL after niacin or fenofibrate therapy in type 2 diabetic patients.

Luís Masana, Anna Cabré, Mercedes Heras, Núria Amigó, Xavier Correig, Sergio Martínez-Hervás, José T. Real, Juan F. Ascaso, Helena Quesada, Josep Julve,

Xavier Palomer, Manuel V_azquez-Carrera, Josefa Girona, Núria Plana, Francisco Blanco-Vaca.

Atherosclerosis 238 (2015) 213e219

See paper

Incorporation of Dr. Noelia Ramírez as a postdoctoral researcher

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Dr. Noelia Ramírez, PhD on Analytical Chemistry, has joined the Metabolomics Platform as a postdoctoral researcher. Her research is focused on the development and validation of analytical methods for metabolite profiling and biomarkers detection by GC-MS, GC×GC-TOF/MS and MS imaging. She also works onenvironmental metabolomics, especially on thirdhand tobacco smoke characterization and health effects.

Incorporation of Dr. Radu Ionescu as a postdoctoral researcher

Posted on Dec 18, 2014 in Research

Dr. Radu Ionestu joined the Metabolomics Platform as a postdoctoral researcher with a grant Ramon y Cajal.

Dr. Radu Ionescu is performing research in the field of non-invasive diseases diagnostics, prognosis, and monitoring. He works on diseases profiling and fingerprinting via the analysis of volatolomic samples (volatiles released by different body fluids such as exhaled breath, skin headspace and urine headspace) with analytical chemistry equipment and chemical gas sensors devices.